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Nooitgecht Primary School – Project

As part of its on-going support of the Nooitgedacht Primary School and in continuation of the 2013 Gala-dinner Beaded-Wire-Animal Project...

Spreading some festive cheer

“The children are our future”, and although this may be a cliché, the chamber decided to make a difference in children’s lives when planning commenced for the annual gala dinner for 2013.

Mobile Library to Nooitgedacht Primary School

Competence Centre: Corporate Social Responsibility decided to focus on the education of  children in society.

Nelson Mandela - Day

Members of staff at the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and industry, devoted their 67 minutes of time on 16 July 2015 at the Johannesburg Children’s Home.

Getting To Know CATS

If you couldn’t make it to our event, but would like to learn more about the vocational training offered by the Chamber, please don’t hesitate to contact Isabella Hlabangu.

The Competence Centre: Corporate Social Responsibility

Welcome to the Competence Centre:  Corporate Social Responsibility.  We thank our founding members and partners for their assistance and support in establishing a platform where experiences, ideas and thoughts about CSR can be shared and used to assist those in need, strengthen innovation and ecological awareness and create quality.

CSR stands for “Corporate Social Responsibility”, which is a business principle that requires that companies operate in an ecological and responsible way, that can be sustained.  This includes supporting education projects, job creation, the development of small, micro and medium businesses, improving health care, social development and projects that sustain the environment.

With this platform you can share your experience, ideas and thoughts about CSR with other companies. 

CSR Competence Centre Activities

Founding Members